Dentists warn: Why you should not use mouthwash uncontrollably

Dentists warn: Why you should not use mouthwash uncontrollably

General Council of Dentists has warned of a notable increase in the number of people using mouthwash without a dentist’s prescription, something that professionals blame on the constant advertising of these products on television.

Dr. Óscar Castro, president of the General Council of Dentists, points out that the advertising of mouthwashes is not clear and is confusing citizens about the correct use of these products. «Many are using mouthwash as a substitute for brushing, when under no circumstances should this be the case,» he notes. It is best to brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste and then floss or use an interdental brush.

The head of the Collegiate Organization explains that mouthwashes or mouth rinses are a complementary, but not essential, part of oral hygiene. They never replace brushing or interdental hygiene: «Indeed, they have many benefits, but they should always be used under the prescription of the dentist as they are specific for each clinical situation (infections, dentin sensitivity, halitosis, gingivitis, etc.). For this reason,» he adds, «they should not be a self-consumption product, since prolonged use can have consequences such as the appearance of tartar, undesirable dental stains or major problems».


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