Conservative dentistry


Conservative Dentistry

Conservative and restorative dentistry is the branch of dentistry that prevents, stops and cures caries even in its most advanced stage, avoiding the extraction of the damaged tooth.

Its purpose is to restore, clean and treat the affected tissue, thus sealing the pulp cavity with special materials through obturations, reconstructions or endodontics, depending on its depth.

When caries is very advanced and affects the dental pulp irreversibly, it is necessary to completely remove it by means of an endodontic procedure, since there are often foci of infection that generate continuous pain and great sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli and sweet or acidic foods.


  • Its purpose is to restore
  • Clean and treat the affected tissue
  • Sealing the pulp cavity
  • With special materials
  • By means of seals
  • Reconstructions or root canals
  • We achieve root healing
  • Preserving the tooth
  • Extend the life of your teeth


To carry out this treatment it will be necessary to clean the root canals using antiseptic products to eliminate bacteria and necrotic tissue that may exist. These are then sealed with special materials and completely filled.


With this technique what we get is to heal the entire root of the tooth to preserve it and extend its life years.

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